Brand new tokens one to took place apparently reduced apparently blog post-CLC is presented within the Dining table 4

Brand new tokens one to took place apparently reduced apparently blog post-CLC is presented within the Dining table 4

This type of tokens had been: symbols (age.g., , >, /, +, ^, =), numerals (age.g., 1, 2, 3) acronyms, shortenings and you will contractions (age.g., t, k, ff, ni, mn, nie, jy, gwn, s, lol; and this consider: het, dat, ok/ik, actually, niet, hem, niet, jij, gewoon, was, laugh out loud; translations: they, you to, ok/We, to own a little while Footnote seven , maybe not, my personal, perhaps not, you, just, is), punctuation marks (age.g., ! ? : ; however that time and you will comma), pronouns (age.g., ik, jij, hem, hij, me personally, je, jou; translations: I, your, him, the guy, me, you/your), opinion-associated adjectives/adverbs (age.g., echt, lekker, mooi, goed, nieuwe, niks, leuk, zeker, mooie, super; translations: most, nice/tasty, nice/beautiful, a beneficial, this new, little, nice/beautiful, nice/also, yes, sweet, super), and interjection terms (e.grams., ja, haha, nee, boy, hoor, nou, hahaha, the guy, jaa, inspire, jaaa, ok, screw, shit, wtf; translations: sure, haha, zero, man, you are aware, better, hahaha, hey/huh, yeah, impress, okay). To put it briefly, the text one taken place seemingly with greater regularity pre-CLC represent mostly relaxed language play with, such contractions, bizarre spellings, symbols and you can profanity.

Shape nine gifts the new cousin differences in POS incorporate adopting the CLC, weighed against Baseline-broke up We and you can II

Desk 5 gift suggestions tokens you to definitely occurred apparently more often blog post-CLC, these tokens happened to be: posts (i.age., de, het, een; translations: feminine/male this new, neuter the new, a(n)), conjunctions (elizabeth.grams., dentro de, of, omdat, want, zodat; translations: and you will, or, as the, as, to ensure), prepositions (age.g., door, in the, om, found, over, tijdens, aan, tot; translations: through/of the, inside the, for/on, that York sugar daddies have, about/more than, during, to/into, until), additional and you will linking verbs (e.g., worden, hebben, zijn, moeten, kunnen, maken, willen; translations: be, provides, try, need, normally, build, want). Complete, the fresh new tokens you to definitely occurred relatively more frequently article-CLC represent way more official code utilize as compared to the pre-CLC tokens from inside the Table 4.

Dining table 6 merchandise bigrams one occurred relatively with greater regularity pre-CLC. Such bigrams mainly had been personal pronoun + verb combos (we.elizabeth., ik ga, ik heb, ik ben, ik wil, ik dacht, heb je, ik moet, denk ik, ik kan, ik kom, ik got, ik is; translations: I’m going, I have, I’m, I’d like, I imagined, maybe you have, I have to, In my opinion, I’m able to, I come, I’d, I found myself). Once more, the outcome advise that you will find seemingly more everyday language use, that’s, apparently more frequent occurrences from notice-referential words, which suggests an even more individual and you can subjective code usage.

Brand new bigrams one taken place seemingly more often post-CLC, from inside the Table seven, are primarily prepositional sentences otherwise preposition + article combos (age.grams., van de-, van het, doorway de, naar het, van een, om de, more de, aan de, more than het, inside the het, came across het, came across de, om het, bij het, om een, voor het; translations: about, in the, by the, towards the, away from an effective, regarding, across the, on the, on, about/along side, because of the, in the, into the), indicating more detailed descriptions of your own disease that’s regarded throughout the tweets. Notably, the introduction of most prepositions may also explain the escalation in phrase duration after the CLC.

POS study

The next hypothesis in the a possible increase in the employment of adjectives, adverbs, posts, conjunctions, and prepositions, was tested having fun with an excellent POS analysis. Desk 8 displays the fresh cousin wavelengths regarding POS classes. New CLC had an increased impact on POS use in comparison so you can baseline variations. Such as, the newest CLC caused a rise in the employment of articles, conjunctives, and you can prepositions compared to other POS kinds. It improve means that the fresh CLC changed the newest syntactic structures from tweets, which is also supported by new discovering that sentence size enhanced. Instantly, the latest cousin frequency from adverbs and adjectives did not boost immediately after the CLC. Concurrently, the difference between Standard-broke up I and you may Baseline-separated II reveals way more type between week 3 and month cuatro as compared to month 1 and you may week 2. This means that a development on language use initiated by the CLC.

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