Scopus features included ten,128 really works, a mean off 225 annually, when you find yourself SCIE has integrated 1861 (18

Scopus features included ten,128 really works, a mean off 225 annually, when you find yourself SCIE has integrated 1861 (18

Fig. step 1 portrays new visibility of journal during the Scopus (as the 1973) plus in SCIE (because the 2009). 4%), a suggest out-of 207 a year. Visibility inside the Scopus could have been uneven, which have peaks regarding almost five hundred works (such as inside the 1998, because of the introduction regarding 2 supplements, one of them which have 205 files) and you will designated troughs (for instance the 152 records safeguarded during the 1994). In SCIE, the fresh new coverage could have been alot more uniform, though there could have been a decreasing development, to the number of integrated data losing out-of 250 during 2009 in order to 160 during the 2017.

If this involved file coverage, i discovered inaccuracies between the 2 databases from the shipping out of the latest 4 types of data in question. The newest ratio away from stuff is 74% during the Scopus versus 46% when you look at the SCIE, the latest proportion out of emails 16% against 38%, that of editorials step three% against sixteen%, plus the proportion off ratings 7% versus 0.54% (Fig. 2).

Inside Scopus, very posts was finalized by the 5 (19%) otherwise six article authors (18%), studies from the step one (twenty seven.4%) otherwise 2 (fifteen.4%), characters by the cuatro (29.5%) otherwise 5 (23.1%) and you can editorials because of the step one (53.3%) or 2 (twenty-six.8%).

The typical amount of people away from multi-written data in Scopus into the whole period significantly less than investigation was cuatro.cuatro. Minimal is actually 2.5 during the 1974 and the restriction 5.8 for the 1995 and you will 2007 (Fig. 3). 7) possesses come relieving in the past very long time, attaining the establish 5.1 in 2017.

6 during the 1996 to 3.2 inside 2017. The fresh new top occurred in 2007 (3.7). The average for the entire several months around investigation was of 2 institutions for every single work. There have been 1164 files versus a state association, and of the rest 8694 files, 57% didn’t encompass collaboration ranging from associations. The latest part of really works one to involved all over the world collaboration on 2009-2017 several months try cuatro.2%.

Which index (in order to cuatro

Fig. cuatro gift ideas the fresh new system from collaborations anywhere between The country of spain or other regions. So you’re able to span the newest longest airg it is possible to several months from the analysis, we decided to simply spot this new network out-of collaborations of your study obtained from the latest Scopus databases, since the several months out of 1996 (the entire year one to Scopus started gathering association studies for each journalist) in order to 2017. Inside interval, i discovered collaborations with 41 countries, with at least dos collaborations getting 26 of these places. The fresh places having worked usually having The country of spain was basically the All of us (42 works), Mexico (15), Italy (14), British (11) and you may Portugal (9).

Dining table step one merchandise the values of your own final number out-of documents, final amount out-of citations, admission price each file and you may h -directory. It is instantly noticeable that ticket indices is highest during the Scopus. For example, providing 2015 once the source, since it is a-year for which both databases keeps detailed the same amount of blogs (217), new violation amount within the Scopus (619) exceeds because of the 234 just how many citations received regarding SCIE (385). Hence, because the amount of noted files is quite equivalent both in offer, an average level of citations per document is leaner on SCIE databases (dos.27 in Scopus compared to step 1.5 on the SCIE). Similarly, the common h -list was 18 inside the Scopus compared to 14 in the SCIE.

The common number of collaborating establishments for every single performs have shifted off dos

Dining table dos gifts the costs with the chief ticket indicator inside the Scopus plus the SCIE. The impact basis while the SJR features improved just like the log try used in JCR and you will Scopus. Regarding SCIE, the fresh new feeling basis has grown four times from the 9 age Anales might have been listed. This index changed out-of 0.363 in 2009 to a single.318 from inside the 2017 and you will continues on an expanding trend. Ergo, the fresh record ranking likewise has changed quartiles, moving about last into the third quartile in the 2016. Inside Scopus, the SJR has evolved of 0.155 when you look at the 1999 so you’re able to 0.277 into the 2017. Yet not, if we analyze their advancement just like the 2009, in the event that diary was first as part of the SCIE, which indicator has not enhanced around the latest perception basis (out of 0.235 to help you 0.277). In the SCIE, this new perception grounds comes with improved four times excluding mind-citations, since the 5-year perception foundation has increased by the a factor out-of 2.6.

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